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U.S. History for Citizenship
and all Curious Minds

Study Course for U.S. Citizenship

Are you a candidate for U.S. citizenship? Are you stressed about where to begin studying for your U.S. naturalization test? Need to memorize 100 questions and answers but have little to no time??

We MAKE SUCCESS EASIER with our interesting and enjoyable U.S. civics course. This easy, fast, and on-demand course covers all the information needed for a citizenship candidate to pass the civics part of their naturalization interview.

Based on the 2008* USCIS test questions and answers, this course will quickly prepare you for one of your life's most amazing moments!

You will love feeling ready and informed!

ENROLL NOW for monthly or yearly access and cancel after you get your citizenship or anytime before!

*The 2008 version of the naturalization test is the current version in use. If you need to study for a different version, email us at info@USHistoryforCitizenship.com.

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This course is valued at $250! You can cancel at any time.

Who you are

You are a Legal Permanent Resident (LPR) in the United States, preparing for your U.S. naturalization interview, eager to secure your future!

You are someone curious about the U.S. naturalization process and want to see what's on the test.

You are a high school or college student in the U.S.,  and you want to get ahead in your U.S. civics class.

You are a natural-born U.S. citizen who wants to refresh your own knowledge of U.S. history and government.

What you'll learn

You will learn all the right answers for the U.S. naturalization interview - all 100!  You will learn about early American history, colonial America, the Revolutionary War and the evolution of U.S. laws and government. Learn how to participate as a citizen and what your rights are. Understand how U.S. elections work.

Learn about famous Republican and Democratic presidents and events, places and principles that formed the U.S., the U.S. before and after World War II, the meaning of Representative government, Native Americans, the Founding Fathers, slavery, the Civil Rights movement, the  U.S. justice system, the President's cabinet, the U.S. Constitution, and much more.

What You'll Get

You will get access to 12 beautiful audio-visual lessons, 12 printable guides, and 12 interactive Knowledge Checks, created by a team of writers, professors, voice-over artists, and creative technologists. Each lesson has printable guide that lists which civics questions and answers will be covered in the audio-visual part of the lesson. You also get a PRACTICE TEST with all 100 civics questions, our Monthly Newsletter, and a Bonus Treasure Hunt Game about Early American History.

The Knowledge Checks reinforce the right answers and automatcially grade your answers to give you an overall score at the end! Take the course and quizzes as many times as you like to improve your score and keep track of your progress.


Part 1: U.S. History – The Big Picture from 1607 Onward
Part 2: Watergate Scandal and the Rule of Law
Part 3: U.S. System of Government
Part 4: Famous Democratic Presidents and Events
Part 5: Famous Republican Presidents and (Much) More
Part 6: Accomplishments of the Courageous
Part 7: U.S. Growing Pains and Pride
Part 8: Places and Principles that Formed the U.S.
Part 9: The U.S. After World War II
Part 10: Representative Government
Part 11: Seeking Justice for All
Part 12: Opportunities and Obligations of U.S. Citizenship


You will also get a multiple-choice practice test with ALL 100 test questions that scores your performance and a Treasure Hunt Bonus Game that you can play with your kids while you reinforce your understanding about early American history.

OUR MONTHLY NEWSLETTER will to keep you informed about life in the U.S., including cultural tips, thoughts on our democracy, and tips on getting involved in the democratic process.


Email us at info@ushistoryforcitizenship.com.


Here is an example of what you will learn in just the first five lessons:

  • Lesson 1
Computer generated 3D illustration with Native Americans and the Mayflower
U.S. History: The Big Picture from 1607

Learn how Europeans sailed across the Atlantic Ocean in 1607 to set up a money-making colony in Jamestown, Virginia.

  • Lesson 2
Black and white image of the United States presidential residence with flag on roof in the nations capital
Watergate and the Rule of Law

Learn why the  U.S. media compared the Trump presidency to the 1973 Watergate Scandal and the meaning of "the rule of law."

  • Lesson 3
American Constitution with US Flag. Focus on document with stars and stripes in background.
U.S. System of Government

Learn how the U.S. Constitution sets up and defines the government's Legislative, Executive and Judicial Branches.

  • Lesson 4
Hoover dam
Famous Democratic Presidents and Events

Learn who was president during World War I and World War II. Learn what the U.S. was most concerned about during the Cold War.

  • Lesson 5
President Abraham Lincoln, with young son Tad and Senator Charles Sumner, salutes a detachment of African-American Union troops in Richmond, Virginia at the end of the American Civil War. Published in 1883, the illustration is now in the public domain. Digital restoration by Steven Wynn Photography.
Famous Republican Presidents and More

Learn about Abraham Lincoln as the first Republican president and what the two main parties were before his time.


Take the course at your convenience and go FAST if you are pressed for time. For busy parents, professionals, and students, complete the course in just 100 minutes and be surprised by how much you remember! Retake the course as many times as you like.

If you don't feel satisfied and that the course is not one of the best and most interesting ways to prepare for your citizenship interview, we offer a 7-day money back guarantee!

Subscribe for monthly or annual access!  Bundle the civics course with our English-speaking practice course for big savings and extra confidence for your interview!

What Our U.S. History Students Are Saying

In preparation for my interview last week, I re-watched all the videos, took notes, and the main takeaway was a clear and structured timeline of the major events.

- Katia

I binge-watched the entire course. The extra information for all curious minds really got me curious. Part 2, Watergate, inspired me to watch "All the President`s Men".

- Julio

I was so excited playing this game and getting my answers right!



- Maria

I used the Study Guides to review citizenship interview questions. Then, I would find answers in the video lesson - really worked wonders!

-  Yuri